You’ve never seen a pub crawl like this! The TC Cycle Pub is a 14-passenger bike bar used to tour the town. The Circle Cycle is a spider-like 6-passenger bike, also used to cruise Traverse City’s breweries. Tours are booked by the group for the entire cycles; we do not sell off individual seats or match groups with other groups. All tours come with a provided driver, ensuring that your next pub crawl, company outing, birthday party, girls’ night out or bachelor party is a safe and memorable experience.

Standard tours on the 7-14 passenger TC Cycle Pub are 2-hours long and start at $300 – $399. Tours on the 4-6 passenger Circle Cycle are offered for 2-hours starting at $169 – $219.

All tours will begin and end at The Filling Station located at 642 Railroad Pl., Traverse City, MI 49686. We ask that your entire party arrives 30 minutes prior to departure, allowing time to load the bike, fill growlers and go over safety rules and regulations before departing. We’re allowed to venture wherever you’d like in downtown Traverse City, within reason, of course. The driver has final say of where the bike tour may venture, and will provide a handful of recommended routes and stops.

In addition to the provided driver, 14 people are allowed to ride on the TC Cycle Pub, 6 on the Circle Cycle. On the TC Cycle Pub, there are two seats above the wheels that are not equipped with pedals – two others fit comfortably on the back bench (also, without pedals), totaling 14. On the Circle Cycle, all riders have pedals and are expected to use them 🙂 To depart, a minimum of 7 riders is needed on the TC Cycle Pub, 4 riders on the Circle Cycle.

Yes and no. The big bike (TC Cycle Pub) requires at least 7 people in your party to book (max of 14) but the little bike (Circle Cycle) requires only 4 (max of 6). For either bike, we will not sell the existing seats or match up groups with other groups. It’s one group per bike, so please make sure your group meets the minimum requirement.

Yes. The bikes strolls along comfortably at a rate of 5-8 mph. Riders are offered helmets if they choose to wear them.

YES! After 2.5 years of persistence, laws have been changed and now we CAN drink beer, wine, cider & seltzers on the bikes. Please do not abuse this privilege that we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Riders are allowed to bring up to 3 growlers or 2 bottles of wine on the TC Cycle Pub; the Circle Cycle is limited to 1 growler OR 1 bottle of wine. Plastic cups are provided and we do sell commemorative silicone Silipints for $10 each as well. Cans are okay as well, but absolutely NO HARD LIQUOR, MIXED DRINKS or glass bottles (wine and growlers are the only exception).

No. This is a very strict policy (growlers and bottles of wine are the only exceptions).

Yes, though this isn’t necessarily recommended. We start and end each tour at The Filling Station Microbrewery, and we’d encourage you to instead take advantage of their delicious pizzas and salads before or after your tour. Eating on the bike is messy, usually delays your tour, and it’s really difficult to pedal, drink, and eat all at the same time… like patting your head and rubbing your belly…while pedaling.

You betcha. The TC Cycle Pub provides a speaker system onboard for both bikes. It’s up to riders to bring an MP3 player, iPod or future phone to keep the party rocking. Please keep music choices appropriate while riding through public spaces.

The TC Cycle Pub provides a friendly, fun and extremely good-looking driver for the entirety of the tour, included in the cost of the bike. Tips are greatly appreciated.

With 10 riders, the vehicle is easier to propel around than you’d expect; that being said, come prepared for a workout. The Circle Cycle is even easier. Our routes are carefully chosen to avoid hills and other challenges.

Anyone can ride, assuming they or their parent/guardian signs the safety waiver prior to boarding. HOWEVER, if any riders is under the age of 21, beer and wine is NOT allowed on the bikes. All riders must be over age 21 to have beer and wine present and consumed on board. IF ANY RIDERS ARE UNDER AGE 18, a parent must accompany them.

The TC Cycle Pub offers rain checks or refunds to any party wishing to reschedule or cancel up to 14 days prior to their tour time. Within 14 days, no refunds or rain checks will be offered if a tour is cancelled by booking party. The TC Cycle Pub also reserves the right to cancel any tour because of hazardous weather or unforeseen circumstances; if a tour is cancelled on behalf of the TC Cycle Pub or weather, customers will be offered the choice of a full refund or a rain check. Customers will be notified by phone one hour prior to their tour if weather will affect their tour. If customers do not hear from TC Cycle Pub re: weather, please assume that your tour is going as planned.